Eaedificāta Repository

Content of repository

The almost newest testing trunk versions. Only ebuilds for really working revisions are added to this repository.
Also ebuilds for normal versions can be added, when they use additional patches.

Some interesting packages


Recommended settings


Subversion installation

Install Subversion, if you don't have it already installed:

# emerge subversion

Layman installation

Install Layman, if you don't have it already installed:

# emerge layman

Layman configuration

Edit "/etc/layman/layman.cfg" and add "http://www.ffta.host.sk/Eaedificata/Eaedificata.layman" below "overlays : http://www.gentoo.org/proj/en/overlays/layman-global.txt":

overlays  : http://www.gentoo.org/proj/en/overlays/layman-global.txt

Fetching Eaedificāta repository

Execute these commands:

# layman -f
# layman -a Eaedificata

Adding Eaedificāta repository to PORTDIR_OVERLAY

Edit "/etc/make.conf" and add the following lines at the end of this file, if you haven't done it yet:

source /usr/portage/local/layman/make.conf
PORTDIR_OVERLAY="${PORTDIR_OVERLAY} /usr/portage/local/layman/Eaedificata"

Edit "/etc/make.conf" and set PORTAGE_ECLASS_WARNING_ENABLE and USE_ORDER variables:


Now Eaedificāta repository is finally installed!


To synchronize all repositories managed by Layman, execute this command:

# layman -S

If you want to only synchronize Eaedificāta repository, execute this command:

# layman -s Eaedificata

Remember to FREQUENTLY synchronize Eaedificāta repository!


Please report any bugs or suggestions concerning this repository here:

$ echo -e "\x45\x61\x65\x64\x69\x66\x69\x63\x61\x74\x61\x40\x47\x4D\x61\x69\x6C\x2E\x43\x6F\x6D"


The name of this repository should be pronounced in acccordance with rules of Classical Latin.

© Arfrever Frehtes Taifersar Arahesis